But two sturdy gentlemen own the collector's paradise known as the Alamo. Los Jefes or The Big Bosses have been in the military collectables trade for over 20 years, and there is no sign of stopping. If there ever was a pair as natural a two aces, it is Tom Knox and Pete Polizzi . . . Los Jefes.

Tom Knox, Shopkeep

Knox has been in and around the collecting world for most of his life. His true passion are automatic pistols, reflected in his position as the President of the National Automatic Pistol Collector's Association (NAPCA). Since the Alamo began Knox has been the shopkeep--the "nice guy behind the counter" as many have said. In the years in this position he has expanded his knowledge into other areas than pistols. His many collections have included German Naval Pistols, French and Spanish Pistols, US Insignia, Vietnam-Era patches, field gear, and weapons, and a myriad of other items.

Peter Polizzi, Road Warrior

Polizzi is a natural born salesman. His ability to find and move items of any and all kinds it known throughout the Midwest. Although he has only one true collection, Colt Government Models, he has the uncanny abilitiy to scour the countryside pulling military stuff, sometimes, right from the woodwork. Polizzi is the showman of the two and travels around the country pedalling the wares that may otherwise be tough to move.

The unique balance created by these two men have made the Alamo one of the most successful Military Collectables shops in the Midwest.

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