Many years ago the United States adopted the anicent idea of the Brain Trust This concept has been adopted by the owners of the Alamo. We believe that by surrounding ourselves with knowledgable people, our business can grow and prosper. Los Hombres are a group of mostly local collectors who have found a home at the Alamo. As part of the deal where they get to sit around, breathe our air and drink our soda, every once in a while we ask them for advise. These men are the Alamo Brain Trust.

Dan "Doo Doo" Aschenbrenner
Specializing in Cleaning up after Monica's Pets (and S.S. Regalia)

Nick "Plastic Man" Berring
Lover of all guns made from molded plastic - VERY STRANGE! May be some salvation for him, as he is an avid reenactor.

Pete "No Neck" Cutelli
Specializing in Post WWII Commercial firearms

Vic "Doc" Glogovac
Specializing in Montenagrin, Serbian, and Yugoslavian militaria

Jan "Cowpoke" Jett
Specializing in the products of Samuel Colt

Larry "Dust Off" Knebel
Likes those U. S. fighting knives, but has rapidly growing, most impressive collection from the Viet Nam war.

Eric "Friendly" Larson
Specializing in Japanese and Chinese militaria

Dave "Ladies Man" Levins
Expert on English and Irish Militaria and world-renowned lover of lasses.

Dave "Paco" Menendez
Specializing in US Military Patches

"Mitch" the Hoover - we mourn him
Specializing in German militaria

Mike "Vapa" Mitchell
Just getting started, but we suspect he will be as avid collector as was his father.

Dave "Hustler" Noll
Specializing in American Indian artifacts...and a bit of everything else.

John "Indo Chine" O'Conner
Specializing in memorabilia of the Viet Nam conflict.

Ed "The Man" Owen
Speicalizing in memorabilia of Imperial Germany

Joe "Teach" Powers
Specializing in the Spanish-American War

Dave "The Union Forever but Clinton Never" Radcliffe
Specializing in the American Civil War

John "Scoutmaster" Romanus
Specializing in mess gear

Leo "The Fireman" Sauer
Specializing in edged weapons of Germany

Don "Lover" Seiner
Specializing in US Military edged weapons


Leroy "No Cash" Thompson
Specializing in English small arms and clandestine weaponry

Jim "The Mumbler" Willingham
FINALLY, someone who seriously collect WWII U.S. uniforms and regalia.

Jim "Rebuild" Wolf
Specializing in US Military firearms

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